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Abstract: Intimate partner violence (IPV) is a widespread problem with most prevalent symptoms of PTSD, posttraumatic nightmares (PTNMs).

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What is a P'nimi? A P'nimi is one who is totally involved in what he is doing, be it learning, davening, doing a Mizvah, or helping a fellow Jew. With Da'as, everything he does in imbued with sincerity, earnestness and wholeheartedness — because he is immersed and subservient to the subject matter at hand. The Tzemach Tzedek, the third Lubavitcher Rebbe once asked his grandfather, the Alter Rebbe, to explain the purpose of Chassidus. The Alter Rebbe replied that the purpose of Chassidus is to change the nature of one's personal traits.

In other words, following our nature — even when good — is not the summit of achievement. The summit of achievement is to weigh and refine each and every character trait — through the study and practice of P'nimius HaTorah — so that our own inner core, our own P'nimius, is reconstructed.

The result is that each and every one of our character traits and emotions is used to serve Hashem, and not our own ego. We become multi-faceted individuals who have realized their potential, for, like a diamond, the gem of the soul shines most brilliantly when it is multi-faceted. Going out of Egypt means surpassing the static limitations, the Meitzarim, of our own natures, and instead becoming free and enlivened people who continually ascend in our service of Hashem.

Can we really change so much? Ultimately, are we not all prisoners of our own personalities? Chassidus explains that each and every one of us possesses a Nefesh Elokis — a Divine Soul — which is truly a part of Hashem, and shares His boundlessness; hence, our ability to achieve transcendance. We can conduct ourselves, in thought, speech and deed, the way a P'nimi does — according to whatever is the true will of Hashem for the needs of the hour.

But can one really love another Jew as much as he loves himself? Chassidus explains that the differences separating one from his fellow are only bodily ones. On the level of Soul — in terms of the Nefesh Elokis — we are all united and stem from One Source, because each soul is an intrinsic part of Hashem.

The assembly of all Jewish souls, like pieces in a vast jigsaw puzzle spanning the totality of creation, forms a spiritual whole whose significance is beyond measure. Only when all Jews fit together and find their unique place is the puzzle complete. Only then is the meaning of Hashem's plan for creation clear. When perceives the Mitzvah of Ahavas Yisroel in the light of Chassidus, one begins to understand why, as Rabbi Yisroel Baal Shem Tov taught, a Neshomo may come down into this world and live for seventy or eighty years, just to do a physical or spiritual favour for another Jew.

The emphasis on Ahavas Yisroel in Yeshivah Gedolah is not only confined to helping other Jews materially and spiritually. It also flows from the Hanholo to the Talmidim, and vice-versa. In Yeshivah Gedolah, utmost attention is paid to each individual's character development, so that he realizes his full potential — to be all that he can be.

The Yeshivah imbues within him an unadulterated, lasting commitment to Torah and Yiddishkeit. The Yeshivah aspires to produce solid and sincere Yidden, with Mesiras Nefesh self-sacrifice for Torah, Yiddishkeit, and for their fellow-Jew.

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Each student who enters Yeshivah Gedolah is seen as a beacon of light, a Menorah, of positive influence. Just as light naturally attracts attention, so too, each student is encouraged to become a beacon and role model for others to follow. By utilizing the material of everyday life, in thought, speech and deed, for the sake of Torah and Mitzvos, one refines and elevates his little corner of this world, and turns it into a fitting dwelling for Hashem.

The concept of Diroh B'Tachtonim greatly reinforces the significance of the concept of Ahavas Yisroel, for Diroh B'Tachtonim emphasizes that one cannot retreat from his fellow Jews. Although each Jewish soul has its own unique destiny and mission in this world, Ahavas Yisroel is the cement through which we build this world into a dwelling for Hashem. Without it, the dwelling is unfit for Hashem to inhabit. With such an approach, one cannot remain a smugly private individual, aloof of his environment. Just as light spreads and automatically pushes away darkness, similarly, the influence of the Tmimim spreads and pushes away the darkness of the Golus.

Ever since , the Tmimim have not stopped caring for the physical and spiritual plight of their fellow Jews.


Isn't it time you get connected? Contact us by calling or email by clicking here. We will gladly set up a time to assist you in doing your mitzvah. Women and girls age 3 and up are encouraged to light candles every Friday afternoon, 18 minutes before sunset, in honor of the Shabbat, and before Festivals. Learn more by clicking here. Chabad can provide you with a Shabbat candle lighting kit, candle lighting schedule for Baltimore, and a brochure on how to light up.

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Men age 13 and up are encouraged to wear the Tefillin every morning excluding Shabbat and Festivals. Tefillin are black leather boxes containing small parchment scrolls of selected portions from the Torah, in which the fundamentals of the Jewish faith are inscribed. Has it been a while since you bar mitzvah?

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Need a refresher on how to lay Tefillin? The Rabbi will be happy to give you a few minutes. Need a new pair?

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Want to check an old one, bring your Tefillin to our Chabad House to have them checked by a professional scribe. Every Jewish home should have a mezuzah on its doorposts. Need help getting or affixing your Mezuzah? Does your old Mezuzah need checking? We will gladly set up a time to come and assist you in doing this great mitzvah.

Study a portion of Torah daily. Join a Torah class or start you own; there is bound to be something that will interest you. Click here for our online study center with a cornucopia of audio and video lectures, articles, tutorials, classic text and much more. Give charity daily. The home is a classroom, and keeping a "pushkah" charity box in your home — and contributing a coin to it every day — will teach you and your children the noble value of regular giving.

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Furnish your home with as many holy books as possible. Learn more by clicking here or here. Click here to shop our online Judaica Store for thousands of Jewish books. Eating is one of the basics of life. Shouldn't it be done with intelligence? For a healthy and sound soul, eat only kosher foods, for when you eat differently, your Judaism is not just metaphysical, but part and parcel of your very being.

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Need help going Kosher? Want to learn what Kosher is all about? Reaching out to your fellow Jew with patience, love, concern and unity is among the greatest mitzvot a Jew can do. Volunteers visit and the elderly homes, the sick in the hospital, and the incarcerated in prison, bringing them a smile and listening ear. Click here to learn more. Every Jewish boy and girl should receive a Jewish education. Teach your children everything you know about your faith, and provide them with a quality Jewish education — you will be ensuring Jewish integrity, Jewish identity and a Jewish future.

Chabad of Downtown also holds periodical hands-on educational events for Jewish children and their families as part of our Living Legacy program. Click here for more information on the Living Legacy. Observance of the Jewish marital laws allows you to make the most of your marriage, bringing you and your spouse to new, undiscovered depths of intimacy and sacredness in your relationship.

Learn more by clicking here and here. Chabad offers private lessons in the laws and meaning of family purity with the rebbetzin for women and rabbi for men as well as tours of local mikvahs. Every Jew should have a letter in a Sefer Torah written just for him or her. The Jewish nation is one Torah scroll. Every individual — big or small, scholar or unlearned — is one letter. We are all one, interdependent and equally important.

Everyone: click here to have a letter written in the "Unity Sefer Torah" currently being written in the Holy Land. Every Jew should have the opportunity to celebrate the Jewish holidays and perform their various traditions.