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An original story by writer-director Greg Pritikin, you say, about a retired talent manager, Al Hart Chase , who hits the road with a former client, Buddy Green Richard Dreyfuss , to rekindle their glory days? OK, well, at least Murnau won't be rolling over in his grave with Emil Jannings.

Viewers' eyes will spin in their sockets, however, from the first dialogue exchange, as Al makes an unhip mention of The Shins "Ah, they're terrific. Very emo" and his granddaughter, Jeannie Kate Micucci , winkingly notes how his reference is far past its sell-by date. Is there anything more desperate than pleadingly self-aware humor? How about an entire movie in which "desperate" is the default mode? This is evident from the moment Buddy shows up in the retirement community Al and Jeannie are touring, raving from behind a walker and a goofy disguise about the horrors of senior center life.

Poetry Out Loud

He's just kidding, of course though this scene, like every single other, is laugh-free. Buddy and Al actually go way back. Instead, Buddy abandoned show business, started a family and became the self-proclaimed funniest podiatrist in California.

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Yet the stand-up itch never truly left him. God forbid any late-life spiritual journey should culminate with Jimmy freakin' Fallon.

It's no real spoiler to say that the goal is shifted along the way to The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, which is filmed, not-so-coincidentally for the story's sentimental purposes, in the Ed Sullivan Theater. That's poetry, man.

Let's focus on something else, though not for too long on the interlude in Tijuana during which hard-partying Buddy drinks the water and gets a horrific case of the runs. Highlights from our conversation are below and you can listen to the whole thing right now by subscribing to The Last Laugh on Apple Podcasts , the Himalaya app or wherever you listen to podcasts.

It feels like Chicken Little. But I think now, maybe you could.

'The Last Laugh': Documentary Deconstructs Why We Joke About The Holocaust

Or you thought it would if you said those things and the media would be all over him and that would be it. And I was like, what is feminist about her life? She went to an Ivy League school and she got a law degree. Yeah, and then she abandoned her career to stand behind her husband and clap and smile at everything that he said. And just the attention that that gets, how inspirational she is.

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