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They have also the Storii, long narrative and legendary poems, and they sometimes call the sacred ones, Orazioni. These and there are others also, such as the Jocura sung at children's games, the Dubbiu and the Nniminu [riddles] do not come into the category of songs. To know, I should like to know well, To know how this world is composed.

Pitres work for the Greek origin of this word. The habit of singing a gara , already described in the Preface, prevails to a greater extent and with greater earnestness in Sicily than elsewhere ; sometimes in public fairs, rustic gatherings, at vintage and harvest, sometimes merely at the wineshop and cottage doors. This in some places is called cantari lu Ruggieru.

Pkr b observes that the Sicilian seems to court difficulties in riming, and to glory in measuring his powers against it. Many times the. Of course, as nearly every word in the language terminates in one or other of five letters, immense facilities, which our lan- guage does not possess, are afforded for riming.

The difficulties of the dialects and sotto-dialetti are very con- siderable. Pitrfe to give an idea of their varieties. In Palermo to stands for but it becomes jo at Montemaggiore ; iu at Alimena ; eu at Borgelio ; jeu at Salaparuta ; ft and jia at Casteltermini, etc.

Pitrb in the field of Sicilian Folklore, Professor Salomone-Marino, has pointed out with regard to the Folksongs of the island, that besides being the most voluminous, they are the only ones of all Italy that keep alive historical traditions and legends. There are some few traces of what maybe reckoned traditionary local history in some I have given from Piedmont, and still more from Venice, and one, at least, from Liguria, records a traditional veneration for Columbus.

Another chapter of his Treatise which requires to be read in its entirety. So is the chapter on the illustration of manners and customs which the songs afford.

La ballata del Pinelli

This is an exact counterpart of the Shibboleth of the Jews, but it seems odd that it should have been considered a mode of dis- tinguishing a Frenchman that he pronounced s and c like ch. The speaker is a damsel of good family reduced to poverty by a long and famous feud between the families of De Luna and Perollo, which brought desolation on their whole neighbourhood.

The cruelties with which Sigismund di Luna signalized the success he ultimately obtained over his rivals were so disgraceful that Charles V. Beauty and modesty are mere words, and invite no love when unaccompanied by the jingle of money. No one now, as formerly, declares he is sighing and dying for love of me.

E a lu Gran Turcu lu fazzu calari Cu tutta quanta la so 1 Scavonia. Lu Gran Mastru nun chianci li galeri Ck su di lignu e si nni ponnu fari, Ma chianci li so amati Cavaleri Li chianci occisi ed annigati a mari. I shall take counsel of seven magicians, And the water of three fountains in Barbary. He whose shoes are broken through let him sole them to run away , For I soled mine this morning.

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X Would that I could build a ship and go to Barbary, And go to see whether he is alive or dead, He who used to love me so well! Philosophy has its heroes, too.

La ballata del Pinelli

Cicero, St. Augustine, and St. Thomas, Dr. Pitrfe tells us, live in them. Here is a scrap about Cicero ; I have no room for more. The Grand Master does not deplore his galleys, For the galleys again he could build. But he deplores his beloved knights, Deplores them killed and drowned in the sea.

With cries and flight the enemy is affrighted. I am not sure of the con- struction of this line. I have not space to note here all that may be said in mitigation of crimes of brigandage and vendetta ; but it is obvious that the configuration of the country affords temptations to the one of which we at home have no personal conception, arid that the other are inspired by sentiments however mistaken of the highest sense of honour and unselfish family affection. He dowered it with all the seven elements, And he placed it down over against the rising sun. Perhaps only those who have been subjected to some form of oppression can do justice to his lament.

Another aggravation clamoured against in one or two quite recent ones is that the sentence is imposed by the foreigner, not by a native government. This he often trusts to getting by means of some revolution ; the brethren of the mafia to which he be- longs will foster the smallest spark tending that way, and at the first tumult will break through his bolts and bars.

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Failing this, his one other intense hope is in his mother's' prayers — his mother, whether living or dead ; in his simple faith her death makes no difference to his expectations from her prayers. Ca notti e jornu sempri chianciria! Very touching is the lament in this one, that he is out of sound even of clocks and bells I Sugnu jittatu a la Vicaria nova. You lie dead within a tomb. In the midst of woes it is that you have left me. For night and day l can do nothing but weep.

May your dear soul pray for me without ceasing, That Jesus Christ may liberate me.

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Go to the Arsenal another prison and inform thyself. There they can give thee some news or what it is like. All day long one stands at the puntali Dr. Pitres note ex- plains this as a form of punishment by which the patient is secured by a chain on his foot to a corner of his cell or to a post , And in the midst of all comes the schoolmaster.

All the galleys pass by Bearing the banner of the Vicaria nuova. I am not very clear about these three last lines. One can understand the weariness which the lessons of the regulation pedagogue may occasion the wild man of the woods ; the aggravation expressed in the last two has, probably, reference to some local regulation between the two prisons.

T Flower of my soul, I am incarcerated ; Without pity or help A from any. The Don Juan of the people, who fias been play- ing fast and loose with the girl who trusted him, is stung with remorse in his hours of confinement, and swears to give her satisfaction or do anything, if he could be free. And then — who knows! S9 But, on the whole, the mainstay of the carcerato's heart is evidently his mother.

Ciuri di lumia! Mammuzza chi vinisti a riccuntarti? Who kuows whether she is thinking of me! I looked, and I saw there was my dear mother, And her eyes were like two fountains. Mother 1 who alone hast a thought for me, I am in the midst of bad Chris- tians, I am in the midst of evil and melancholy. They have taken away my peace and my I am not sure of the meaning of campari in this place, perhaps — company gossips, friends.

Navarra nu la senti sta canzuna I Dr. Pitrh tells that he was at great pains to learn the meaning of this strange song, and found that it related to a crafty scoundrel named Navarra, who, having long succeeded in eluding pursuit, when at last taken was found to have managed so cleverly that his misdeeds could not be proved against him. The judge, thinking to entrap him into a confession by a device, told him that if he would repeat a certain song after him correctly perhaps, it is madness to attempt to get out of here. You must not abandon your son, Even though he is locked up in the Vicaria.

And when the great Feast days come, Dear mother mine, then re- member me. For me the beautiful world is at an end. To the island of Favignana Ustica or Pantelleria I am consigned, In the midst of the ocean which has no bounds. Another characteristic category for which I know no exactly corresponding counterpart Elsewhere, is that of the religious Canzuni.

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I do not here speak of songs embodying legends or even sacred history, nor of hymns ; but of actual Rispetti to be used like any other Rispetti of humbler reach, but containing the expression of ideal views about matters of religion.