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Indulekha gold hair oil in bahrain

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Finally, we get to talk about the results. Though I would have liked to have seen more growth in certain areas, I can confidently say that Indulekha oil has provided decent results with arresting hair loss.

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  • Let me add details. Healthier hair means fewer chances of dandruff, split ends and higher chances of consistent hair growth without breakage. Overall, the results so far have been quite encouraging that I would consider sticking to this treatment for some more weeks. Results vary from person to person.

    Again, yes and no.

    Indulekha is a ₹2,cr brand for us, says HUL Chairman Mehta - The Hindu BusinessLine

    For sure, it would be quite exciting to apply this oil all over your hair and wait for it to stop hair loss and help regrow hair quickly- as advertised. I guess I should give this hair oil some more time and see whether applying it on a regular basis helps hair regrow. Well, it might be worth trying once, just to find out how helpful it is.

    That said, it might not be a bad idea to try this hair oil once and see what you get out of it- for two reasons. However, if you are struggling with heavy hair fall or dandruff issues or some sort of an allergy, it is a wise thing to consult with a dermatologist and take their opinion first. Before I conclude, I would like to go over some more frequently asked questions about the Indulekha oil.

    Hair fall, hair growth or greying for that matter are complex phenomena where there are way too many variables such as age, stress, allergy, genetics etc. So what works for me may not work for you, and vice versa. I firmly believe that it takes more than a magic hair care solution to have a fairly good chance of hair regrowth. So, to give yourself the best chance, you should take a well balanced diet, find nourishing hair oils that work for your hair type, use a natural sulfate-free shampoo, and do everything you can possibly do to avoid stress.

    Well, you need to take care of the other two things mentioned above Diet and Stress to be able to give yourself a good chance to see some positive results. Thanks for reading all the way through. Please tell us in the comments. What means is that there is no guarantee that you will get better results when you use Indulekha hair oil with Ayush Ayurvedic Shampoo or any other Ayurvedic shampoos for that matter. Having said that, you will do well to stop hair fall when you start using shampoos that are free from sulfate, paraben, and silicone.

    These are strong chemicals and may strip natural oil out of your hair follicles and cause permanent damage that cannot be undone. So if you have not had good results from using conventional shampoos that contain these ingredients, it is high time for you to stop using them and go for natural alternatives. The good news is that there is a rise in such organic products and you can find one for your budget online.

    Indulekha Bringha Hair Oil Review Hindi -- Indulekha Oil Results -- Hair Growth इंदुलेखा भृंग केशतेल

    Do your research. How long one needs to use this product.

    Heared it shld b used for 4mnths. But what after 4mnths.

    Indulekha users review

    Do one needs to use life long? Although there is no guarantee that hair loss will stop at once and new hair follicles will start growing, Indulekha hair oil has a finely selected list of natural ingredients that help condition your hair and is a good balancing agent to nourish your hair from the inside. In my case, like I mentioned in the review, this oil has not given me excellent results, but I have seen some encouraging results nevertheless.

    Go for it and give it a try. Your experience will be valuable for other men.

    Indulekha oil price 100ml indulekha bringha hair cleanser how to use

    Dear, I am looking for clinical trail results. But could nt find any where. Is thing to go far hair transplant or PRP. But decided t try this this hair oil. I used nearly one or twice week. Apply before sleep and wash in mornings. From past 6 months.. I see that hairs started strong and mild increase in density. I see many very slow growing hairs.. Results: Seems to have effect but still need to see another 6 months.

    Bottle : It is leaky and oil easily gets solid. Oil is very very good. But very very Expensive. I bought about 6 bottles for me and my family. But very unhappy, disappointed and upset, because all the bottles kept LEAKING after they are opened, and all the oil leaked out, messing the whole place all—-What a waste of an Expensive Oil—The Mystery is we still cannot find out from where so much oil is leaking out of the bottle.

    Kindly Rectify this defect. I tried first time today indulekha hair oil.

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    Thanks for commenting. The list of ingredients that went into making this oil is discussed in detail in the article. Indulekha Bringha Hair Oil Review. Reviewer's Summary. Read Latest Reviews on. Here are some of the many questions that I wondered about. Is Indulekha bringha hair oil really effective? What kind of an ayurvedic hair oil is this?