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Abstract: Intimate partner violence (IPV) is a widespread problem with most prevalent symptoms of PTSD, posttraumatic nightmares (PTNMs).

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To surpass or exceed: practiced so he could better his rival. To become better: Conditions bettered with time.

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The results were better than expected. Her cold was better.

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I 'd better introduce myself. Switch to new thesaurus.

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Of greater excellence than another: preferable , superior. Much more than half: best , greater , larger , largest , most.

To a greater extent: more. One who stands above another in rank: elder , senior , superior. A dominating position, as in a conflict: advantage , bulge , draw , drop , edge , superiority , upper hand , vantage.

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Informal: inside track , jump. To advance to a more desirable state: ameliorate , amend , help , improve , meliorate , upgrade. To be greater or better than: best , exceed , excel , outdo , outmatch , outrun , outshine , outstrip , pass , surpass , top , transcend. Idioms: go beyond , go one better. His new car is better than his old one. I feel better today; She's better now. Better to do it now than later.

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He sings better now than he did before. He's the better of the two. Join Reverso, it's free and fast!

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Translation of "for better or worse" in Russian. Almost entirely, for better or worse - mostly for worse. And for better or worse I'm a Wilcox, for better or worse. Look, for better or worse , you guys were the dynamic duo.

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