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Key clicks can help you develop a precise finger movement. Especially when you play this piece with a friend. You can play the key clicks with or without flute sound. Almost Christmas time! Play this beautiful song with two flutes and make it sound like you are playing with three.

W.F. Bach Duets for Flute and Oboe

A nice brain training as well. Let the fun begin! This beautiful melody is perfect for practicing tone bending. You can use this piece as an exercise or play the whole piece. All parts are ad lib. The greatest challenge is to get the intonation right! I really like playing music by Corelli. It is often playful and it makes me happy.

Flute Archive, Volume 2

Now you can practice your flutter tongue, key clicks and pizzicato while playing this nice duet for two flutes or flute and bass flute. The alternation between regular sound and pizzicato can be challenging at first. But once you get the hang of it, it is great fun. Very interesting co-ordination exercise. Training the brain with singing and playing. This time we have to sing the melody and accompany with the flute. A challenging exercise with a lot of skills to improve. Kuhlau's your man. Passages in thirds can thrill, the Variations on an Old Swedish air in opus can charm Their technical expertise with their instruments and complete understanding of the meaning and overall intent of the music allow the listener the pleasure of a candid look into the mind of one of the world's great composers.

On this 2-disc set, she combines her graceful talents with those of another renowned and respected flutist, Renee Siebert The Complete J. An American Flute Recital Virtuoso Flutist All-State Flute Repertoire Song of the Wind Poetic Justice Mozart Flute Quartets Romances for Flute and Piano The Complete G.

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