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He provides seminars and lectures to medical departments in universities, hospitals and to varied clinicians and physicians in the UK, USA and Middle East. Although I have retired from clinical practice, I will continue to teach on occasion in the UK.

This includes being a clinical supervisor for students who are studying for a masters, a PhD in psychology, or mental health. Detroit, Michigan This is a profoundly useful approach. It might sound simple, however, it works.

Thinking Therapeutically

These amazing people they love novelty and seek high-risk experiences, they are intelligent, high achievers at school and often parents advise they were little to no trouble when growing up. They have an inner powerhouse.

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They are strong and dynamic and generally very good at achieving whatever they set their mind to. I cannot even say how many of my hundreds of clients shared with me they smoked and just quit.

How To FINALLY Overcome Binge Eating - 6 RAW & HONEST Tips To Quit Binging

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Your Message. She is a clinical psychotherapist, holds a doctorate in addictions psychology, and is certified as an eating disorder professional, addictions professional, and hypnotherapist.

She is a Visiting Professor at DeVry University and has been in private practice for nearly two decades. She remains active in research and staying abreast to the newest treatment modalities.

Her products and services have helped thousands in their recovery from eating disorders. She can help you too! Lisa offers a natural way to lose weight and break free from addictive eating through psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, phone consultations, and self-hypnosis CDs.