Ripley Trent and the Haunted Shed

Abstract: Intimate partner violence (IPV) is a widespread problem with most prevalent symptoms of PTSD, posttraumatic nightmares (PTNMs).

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Get this formula right and you will dramatically increase your chances of success. The first thing to consider is A for attention. B is for benefit. Tell your audience what they will learn from your presentation, even if you have been given the subject by the panel. C for credentials. Explain why you are the best person to be delivering this information. Finally, D is for direction. Briefly elaborate on how you will do all this stuff. This is where you talk about what you promised at the beginning.

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And make it interesting and varied. Populate your middle with the following:. As with any story, the middle is where we understand the plot and character.

This is your chance to get across how you will deliver on your promises and get them to believe in you as someone they can trust. Remember the basics too — adopt an active body posture, scan the panel and maintain eye contact, use hand gestures to emphasise a point, show some passion, smile and even crack a joke if appropriate. Just like the beginning, script, time and rehearse this bit. Try to make a link with the beginning to achieve a narrative arc. The single most important thing you want to achieve in your ending is a call to action.

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If you appoint me, we can work together to implement this strategy and make that statistic an irrelevance for this school. If you appoint me not only will I work tirelessly to achieve that, but I will also bring all my inventiveness and creativity to make sure this year 2 class gets a wonderful experience while I am their teacher.

If you have been given 10 minutes then plan for nine and a half — script it, rehearse it, time it and stick to it. Woah there cowboy. It is vital that you plan your presentation. Having a clear idea of what your presentation structure will be not only makes the presentation much more effective, coherent and persuasive, but it makes it so, so much easier to actually build. Which saves you time and lowers stress. Spending 1 hour to correctly plan your assessment day presentation saves you many hours later in the process and turbocharges the impact your presentation will make on the audience.

You need to have clarity on what your presentation is going to be about before you begin. Sit down in a quie t room with a pen and a blank piece of paper. Write your central subject, title, theme or question in the middle and draw a circle around it.

Now let your mind run crazy while you brainstorm potential sub-topics and related themes. You should now have a piece of paper that looks something like this:. The next step is to review your ideas. We need to trim this list down as there are currently far too many ideas to cover. Unless you want the presentation to last all day! Cross out the weaker ideas. Clear your mind and ask yourself:. What overarching themes or messages are there that your presentation could follow? Slowly you will start to whittle down your list of sub-topics and what remains will be the strongest and most relevant areas that you should cover.

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Your paper should now look something like this:. Jot down a new plan that reflects the changes and running order we made in the previous steps. It should look something like this:. We now have our final structure. You have made an excellent start and now have a fantastic foundation to deliver a successful presentation, well done! Now would be a great time to go and grab a drink and clear your head. The most common ones are:. Powerpoint is a really simple program to use and you can master the basics of giving a presentation incredibly quickly.

This 5 minute tutorial video by Microsoft will get you up to speed. Download your copy of our world-famous guide Want to know our best tips, tricks and insider-secrets for success? It's all here in the latest edition of our respected guide. Some presentations work better if they appear to have a more organic flow. If in doubt, include a contents slide as it lets your audience know what to expect and helps them orientate themselves. These images highlight some typical mistakes people make when giving a presentation.

How boring are these slides? Your audience will appreciate it. Your audience should be focused on you, not the screen. When giving a presentation the screen is merely a visual aid to amplify the points you make as an engaging and intelligent speaker. The third of the above options is the most widely used in a business setting and at interviews and assessment centres. Your iPad will have one of the following two types of connection, depending on how old it is.

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Over and over and over again. Do this so much that you know the order of the slides backwards, forwards and inside out. Record yourself doing the presentation and watch it back. Watch yourself in the mirror. How can you improve? Most importantly this will make you comfortable with your presentation and the benefits of that are legion. Avoid this at all costs! Overloading the slide is the single quickest way to make your audience switch off.

This is bad. Small portions. Feed them in tiny bitesize pieces over 20 slides rather than in 5 jam-packed slides. Few things are uglier or less appealing than a slide with 17 bullet points and a data heavy graph. Avoid this! Another common mistake from a nervous or inexperienced presenter is to speak too quickly.

It can be really hard, but speak slowly, much more deliberately than you would in everyday conversation and give your audience time to digest what you are saying. They give the presentation, your audience and you room to breathe.

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Make them laugh or even just smile and you will increase their engagement as well as relaxing yourself. This is a no brainer. Giving a presentation should be like telling a great story. Be expressive and colourful. The more relaxed and happy you appear to be while giving a presentation, the more the audience will enjoy it.